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We are a bit like monkeys. Not quite as hairy but just as curious, creative and imaginative. We leverage the utilization of tools and like working in teams. We are funny at times and like eating
bananas. We constantly develop further and swing from project to project. However, to many clients’ sadness we do actually, in contrast to monkeys, wear clothes.
Matthias Griesenbrock
Managing Director
Guido Gronwald
Managing Director

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We would be happy to advise you personally, create an individual concept and offer.

Our Story

End of 2013 we were assigned a mission: Making people happy. It was assigned on us by ourselves and with “people” we mean mainly ourselves. But obviously we also mean other people. Such as our clients. And their clients. Because when our clients’ clients are unhappy with our work, then our mission has failed as this would cause us to be unhappy, too.
Having a philosophy would require being capable of thinking. We’re not out to bathe in self-praise but we think this applies to us. We stand for great videos, for enjoying work and for world peace. We advocate human rights, animal rights and object rights. Who still finds this too shallow can join us with a yoga mat at our office for well-grounded conversations over a cup of green tea.

Selected Clients

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What People Say?

I felt really impressed by the professional execution and the mood on set. The technical efforts and high requirements, especially also regarding the lenses, substantiated the professional standard of the production. The result is striking.

— HARALD BAUER, Product Manager, Sigma —

Thank you blackmonkey for the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo genesis movie. The shooting has been done in a very good mood yet very professional. Really good team, open, creative and efficient! Thanks again.

— Antony Villain, Design Director, Alpine —

Working with blackmonkey means working with a professional and dedicated crew. I saw these guys sweating like hell as well as freezing their buns off and still going for the best angle, the perfect shot and the absolute moment! It was always fun with the blackmonkeys and the final edit topped all expectations! Thanks guys and hope to see you soon at the mountain!

— Mirko Holzmüller, Marketing, Nitro Snowboards —

Within the framework of the gamescom documentation the professional and pleasant team of Blackmonkey showed us what’s possible in the field of moving images. It resulted in becoming the best I’ve seen until now in terms of event trailers.

— Christian Denk, Senior Brand Activation Manager, PlayStation —