what we offer

At first we came up with the idea to throw around platitudes. “We develop an effectively and sustainably drafted and to your corporate identity tailored master plan for video marketing to achieve increase in turnover.” But then we realized that we want to be taken seriously in our line of business.

We’re not just great per se. Sometimes we actually do things. In the following paragraphs we’ve illustrated comprehensively how stuff like that usually goes off over here:


The phase of preproduction is in the creation of something exceptionally meaningful a mixture of anarchic outpouring of ideas and the effort to structure this process of creation. Thereby we fight our way through a thunderstorm of flashes of insight, which not even Zeus himself could have thrown down on us roughly as impressing. But we certainly wouldn’t be demigods, if we couldn’t handle such trivialities. And when the concept is finished, the daily call sheets almost write themselves, because time windows are just peepholes for us through which the future success of the project can be observed.





Crewing and Scheduling



After nibbling the thickest bananas off the tree of ideas it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Our intern points the spotlight with our emblem at the night sky above the Cologne urban jungle and the people sigh with relief. When lights are blinding, sparks are flying, engines are firing or when a CEO is talking about important stuff like sustainability, then we’re on the scene and save the world. Our digital film reels are spinning at full blast to capture every grain of bliss for posterity. Whose knees aren’t beginning to buckle now should urgently go to see a behavioral therapist.








All of the memory cards are put into silver cauldrons examined by the Competent Control Authority and certified by the Ministry of Magic and are in a very complex process, which muggles are unable to comprehend, stirred into a golden mass. During this process it is of great importance to add all the ingredients at the exact right time and in the exact right amount. We promised not to tell you any more about this. When done correctly, undoubtedly everything sparkles in the end and together we take a bath in a lake of tears of joy.


Sound Design


Visual Effects

Color Grading & Finishing



Life is like a box of coconuts. You can sip their delicious juice and feast on their luscious flesh but they can also slump down onto your head and you die. This won’t happen to you when you’re with us. When you’re with us, coconuts slump down onto your head and you feel blessed! You enjoy the blessed feeling of being alive! And you’re looking forward to a groovy project with us. We’re looking forward, too.




Films and videos offer advertising companies immeasureable amounts of fields of application to fill their target audience with enthusiasm about novelties, ideas and values.
For optimum communication these great contents can be arranged objectively, humorously or emotionally.
Image video

Every company is unique. At best this means an advantage for your company. If so, this can help your company in winning new and binding existing clients. But first of all your clients need to be presented with your unique selling propositions. In the best case this happens in a sympathetic and convincing way. Therefore if you’re planning on shooting an image video, which connects your client to certain emotions and values of your company, we can help you with that for sure.


Commercials focus on specific products or services and get to the heart of all aspects in as little time as possible. They can be everything but boring. But not boring does not neccessarily mean not ineffective. We develop a not uncreative master plan and implement it not marketing-ineffectively without lack of ideas and professional incompetence.

Explanatory Video

When you’re dealing with your job for years, some procedures can become a matter of course for you, which however can cause severe confusion and states of panic in your clients. This is mostly not just the case because your clients are simply dumb or don’t engage with your product, but because they are missing some essential explanations by the producer. An explanatory video can save your clients and yourself massive amounts of time and even entertain them incidentally.

Mood and Trade Fair Video

Mood videos need to be particularly eyecatchy to tie the target group to exhibition stands or to spruce up museum halls or foyers. They usually run as a loop and, for the well-being of people who need to spend longer periods in close proximity to the source, often without sound. That’s simply because unfortunately you cannot hear away as easily as you can look away after witnessing the video several times. Therefore the imagery needs to be even more expressive.

Brand and Product Presentation

Nobody can expect their client to keep himself updated about product range expansions, new products and their features independently. Such clients do exist, but in times of shorter and shorter attention spans even they will much rather watch an appealing video than rifling through meter long texts. That’s how all of the benefits can be visualized even without huge commercial budgets.

Event Video

Whether for the visitors of bloodcurdlingly spectacular concerts, sport events or festivals or as a generations-spanning remembrance for all attendants of a magnificent anniversary celebration or staff meeting. Event movies need to capture emotions in a flush of impressions. Such as delightful amusement, ecstatic passion or fervent exhilaration. Such shots make future events sensationally marketable.

Introductory Video

The one or other will marvel about this but the faces behind a brand and the products and services they provide are equally important in some industries. A sympathetic video which presents the entrepreneur and his work can unfold its full effect.

In a personal consulting talk we can discuss which of these could be of most strategic value to your company!